Tours & Prices

Booking a tour on any vehicle is a 4 hour minimum unless confirmed with the office. Gratuity not included pay to the driver.

Read on the next tab on how it work.

Limousine 4 hour tour $340.00

SUV 4 hour tour $340.00

VAN 4 hour tour $340.00

14 Pass Bus 4 hour tour $400.00

23 Pass Bus  4 hour tour $520.00

28 Pass Bus 4 hour tour $520.00

30 Pass Bus 4 hour tour  $520.00

Pickups further than 20 miles will be additional charge for pickup and drop off.

Tour starts on the pickup and ends on the drop off. Over 10 minutes a additional hour will be charged no exceptions.

No alcoholic beverages allowed, No drugs, No smoking and no food.